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The Alaska Native Brotherhood and the Alaska Native Sisterhood

Grand Camp is the oldest known indigenous persons' civil rights organization in the world. 


Our mission is to better the lives of Native people and their families;

to continue the fight for civil rights and land rights of all Native

people; to share the cultural knowledge, wisdom, and artistic beauty

of Native Tribal Societies and strive for a spirit of Brotherhood and Sisterhood among all people!


If you would like to join the long line of individuals who have made a difference and improved the world we would be glad for you to join

us.  Membership and service is through local camps (see interactive

link below) which can also be found under the "links" page.  Please

take a look at our resolutions from last convention to see what we

are focused on now.   Do you want to support us by helping establish

or reestablish a Camp? Then do not hesitate to contact us, we will

direct your name to an active member that can help.


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Delegates at Petersburg Convention -- 2014

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