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Welcome to the Alaska Native Brotherhood and Alaska Native Sisterhood Call to Action page. Here we post any items or issues that we feel affect or benefit the Alaska Native Community and has action items associated with such items or issues.


Natives Without Land Call to support

This is a call to support the Human and Land Rights of the Native Landless Shareholders of Haines, Tenakee, Ketchikan, Wrangell, and Petersburg.


Visit Without Land website and go to to sign up for their newsletter.

This is a call to support the Human and Land Rights of the Native Landless Shareholders of Haines, Tenakee, Ketchikan, Wrangell, and Petersburg.


Murkowski: Vote Yes on Haaland

As the first Indigenous Secretary of the Interior, Rep. Deb Haaland's nomination is a historic achievement that should be celebrated by all Alaskans. Add your voice to the call to confirm Rep. Haaland as Secretary of the Interior! CLICK HERE 

Aalask Department of Education & Early Development

Trauma-Engaged Schools

As Alaskans we are resilient and on the cutting edge of transforming schools together by supporting the whole student and integrating trauma-engaged practices. New understanding into the impact childhood trauma has on learning and behavior empower schools to provide affected students what they need to succeed and to help break rather than inadvertently perpetuate the cycle of trauma. Click Here for more information

Herring Links / Short Film

Links for the Call to Action Page

Herring Protectors Website (

Herring Protectors Facebook Page (

Herring Protectors Facebook Group (

Herring Protectors on Instagram (




Herring Protectors Movie: Yáa at Wooné (

Film description: Herring are the foundation of all things we love in Southeast Alaska. These fish connect us culturally, spiritually, and historically. From salmon to seals, eagles to whales, or blanched eggs on our stove tops, herring provide critical energy and nutrition to our communities and ocean ecosystems. This documentary shows the importance of herring for thousands of years, the risks they currently face, and envisions a way forward that centers Indigenous sovereignty and traditional ecological knowledge.


Created by the Herring Protectors, a growing group of Alaskans and Sitkans that share concerns for the herring population of Sitka Sound, and the culture tied to it.





Presenter: Louise Brady, K’asheechtlaa

Introduction: My Tlingit name is K’asheechtlaa. I am a woman of the Tlingit nation in Sheetʼká Ḵwáan, an island off the coast of Southeast Alaska. I am Raven-Frog or Kiks.ádi Clan. We Kiks.ádi women are known as the Herring ladies. We have a story or original instruction that connects us spiritually, culturally, and historically to herring. I am the founder of the Herring Protectors, a grassroot movement of people that share concerns that the herring population in Sheetʼká Ḵwáan, and the culture tied to it, are under threat.

Ways to help:

  • Host a screening of Yáa at Wooné (Respect for All Things)
  • Reflect on what it means to be on Indigenous lands
  • Reflect on what it means to show respect for all things
  • Protect what is sacred in your community
  • Follow us on social media
  • Join us at the January 2022 Board of Fish meeting.

Camp 70: Protecting our right to vote

The Alaska Native Sisterhood has long advocated for encouraging and protecting voting rights for ALL. Bills are being introduced in the Legislature that would affect our voting rights and access.


Currently voter registration is automatic when people apply for the Permanent Fund Dividend, unless they opt-out (the voters approved this law in 2016). SB 39  (by Senator Shower) has been referred to committees and hearings. SB 39 would create barriers to voting by removing PFD Automatic Voter Registration, banning municipalities from having vote-by-mail elections. Other bills are relating to voting rights are proposed, including some that improve access to voting.


CALL to ACTION:  Prepare to follow and comment on bills during the legislative session.  Sign up to track bills relating to elections and voting with the Bill Tracking Management Facility

List the bills you are particularly interested in following in a folder so you receive alerts when action is scheduled.  (sb39, hb66)

Camp 70 Call to Action Video

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